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For the day you accomplish something.
For the day you have a fine new encounter.
For the day you envision a new dream.

We wish to send you a celebratory and uplifting message
through a product lovingly nurtured by the beams of the sun
and condensed from the riches of the earth.
And to deliver this message to you
in those irreplaceable moments full of hope and delight.

To make that defining day of yours shine yet brighter.

Wine hiyori
Grapes cultivated on the sundrenched terrain of Katsunuma, Koshu,
Grapes carefully fermented with a loving care and respect
for their Terroir.
Hiyori: the limited craft wine, purely Japan-made.
  • 鳥居平 メルロ
    鳥居平 メルロ画像
    Toriibira Merlot
    Welcome to Toriibira area of Katsunuma, Koshu,
    where good access to sunlight and drainage serve
    to bring us high quality grapes. The Toriibira Merlot,
    showered in the blessings of the sun, have been
    fermented with a yeast which brings out their
    pure features.
    Flavor features: An elegant, mellow flavor characterized by a profound, cacao-like scent and a fresh, pleasant astringency opening up inside your mouth
    Type: dry, medium body
    How to enjoy: with meat dishes; steak, or tomato-sauce hamburger steak
    Grape: Merlot (Toriibira, Katsunuma)
    Net content: 720ml
    Click here to order*Planned for release in 2020
  • 鳥居平 甲州
    鳥居平 甲州画像
    Toriibira Koshu
    Toriibira is especially renowned even within
    the grape paradise of Katsunuma, Koshu.
    The Koshu grapes here, showered in the blessings
    of the sun, have been fermented with a yeast
    which brings out their condensed vigor and splendor.
    Flavor features: a firm, sound flavor with Japanese depth at its core and an aroma suggestive of kabosu and Japanese pear. helping to bring out their vigor and splendor and resulting in a potent, bitter-free taste
    Type: dry, medium body
    How to enjoy: together with Japanese cooking, fish dishes or chicken dishes
    Grape: Koshu (Toriibira, Katsunuma)
    Net content: 750ml
    Click here to order*Planned for release in 2020
  • 鳥居平夏秋 甲州
    鳥居平夏秋 甲州画像
    Toriibira Natsuyake Koshu
    This wine is comprised solely of specially selected,
    carefully fermented grapes
    from Katsunuma’s Osade district,
    a first-rate grape cultivation area renowned
    for excellent sunlight and drainage.
    Flavor features: a pellucid aroma akin to Japanese citrus and pear, and a gentle, fruity taste.
    Type: dry, medium body
    How to enjoy: together with sashimi dipped in wasabi soy sauce, or boiled fish seasoned with soy sauce.
    Grape: Koshu (Osade, Katsunuma)
    Net content: 750ml
    Click here to order*Planned for release in 2020
  • 勝沼 甲州
    勝沼 甲州画像
    Katsunuma Koshu
    Ever-reputable Koshu grapes are carefully
    fermented with a yeast which brings out
    their pure features.
    Flavor features: pure and light. A dry taste with a hint of acidity evoking Japanese citrus. Bittersweet and mineral qualities make for a refreshing aftertaste.
    Type: dry, medium body
    How to enjoy: with light Japanese food, or Chinese cooking with a simple flavor.
    Grape: Koshu (Katsunuma)
    Net content: 750ml
    Click here to order*Planned for release in 2020

Direct from the sun-drenched terrains of Koshu

The Toriibira area
Located on the eastern tip of the Koshu Valley, halfway up a south-facing slope, the Toriibira area enjoys long hours of sunlight, clear day-night temperature differences and an abundance of minerals buried in the soil. It is one of Japan’s foremost areas for grape cultivation.
The Osade area
The Osade area lies on Katsunuma’s north side, on the west-facing slope of a grape hill. Flanked by two rivers, its good drainage qualities make it highly suitable for grape cultivation.
◯ Alcohol is only to be consumed by persons over 20 years of age.
◯ Please note that consumption of alcohol during periods of pregnancy or breastfeeding risks adverse effects on the development of fetuses and infants.
Mixer kizashi
Mixer kizashi
Let us first re-examine the land on which we tread.
Then, let us harness the power of nature
from the ancient past and transmit it to the future.
Meet Kizashi: the premium mixer from Japan bringing
new feelings of delight to the hearts of those
who relish Japanese botanical ingredients.
Net content: 200ml
Ingredients: high-fructose corn syrup (made in Japan), kabosu citrus extract, yuzu citrus juice, shekwasha citrus extract, jabara citrus extract, salt/carbonic acid, acidulant, phellodendron bark extract (extracted inner Amur cork tree bark).
Patent application pending
Trademark registration; 10 countrires
Kihada Tonic Water 黄蘗 トニックウォーター
Kizashi “Kihada” Tonic Water is a
refreshing and invigorating brand
of Japanese craft tonic water
which traces its roots to herbal
medicine derived from the citrus
family of Amur cork trees since
the Jomon Period (prior to 300BCE)
in Japan.
Use it as a mixer for your gin and tonic
and experience a new style for the mature
You are also free to enjoy it in its
pure form and savor the refreshing
scent and nice swallowing sensation.
Extracted natural Amur cork tree bark, with no added scents or coloring
Kizashi “Kihada” Tonic Water aims for a natural flavor. As such, it includes no artificial scents, coloring or additives. Our raw material, the citrus family of Amur cork tree, requires around 20 years to fully grow, and is thus a precious botanical material. The trees are felled at the end of the rainy season, in early June to mid-July, when the bark is moistened and softened by humidity, and easily stripped. Subsequently, the yellow inner bark from which the “Kihada” name derives, is separately stripped.
A Japanese botanical much valued since ancient times
Kihada’s vivid-yellow inner bark contains the alkaloid “berberine”. Due to its antimicrobial properties and bitter taste, Kihada has been valued in Japan since ancient times, proliferated throughout the land by the hands of ascetic Shugendo monks. The healthy limonoid component “limonin”, traces of which are present in Rutaceae in general*, is found in larger quantities in Kihada1) 2).
*According to research led by Hajime Ohigashi, Emeritus Professor, Kyoto University; Emeritus Professor, Fukui Prefectural University
1)Limonin content in Kihada: 0.1〜1%
For more information↓
Tomoko Kawamura. et al.:Diversity of quality of phellondendron barks from different habitats (2) Content variation of Limonoids
2)Limonin content in citrus juice: <0.003%
For more information↓
Keiso Fukutani. et al.:The contents of bitter substances and their seasonal changes in citrus fruits
Delivering a healthy “kizashi” to you
Kizashi “Kihada” Tonic Water makes the most of a Japanese botanical with a long history. Through this product, we wish to deliver you a “Kizashi” (omen) for a healthy tomorrow.
*Please note: This product is a soft drink and has no medicinal benefits.
kizashi Tonic Water Kihada
“How to enjoy kizashi”
with レモンスタイル
Simply add lemon to refresh the bitter taste
“Lemon-style” recipe
・kizashi : 1 bottle, well-chilled
・Lemon wedge : 1/16

Simply place a 1/16-size lemon wedge into an ice-cool kizashi bottle, and see how the lemon’s fresh crispness blends with the refreshing bitter taste of kizashi.
Recommended for those seeking a change of mood, and liberating when enjoyed outdoors.
Enhance the flavor of your preferred craft gin
“Craft Gin & Tonic” recipe
・Craft gin : 30ml
・kizashi : 90ml
・Cut lime : 1/8

Pile up the ice in your glass and pour in your preferred craft gin.
Slowly add kizashi, then gently squeeze in some juice from a 1/8-cut lime. Refresh and relax with the fresh, harmonized botanicals, and enjoy an authentic bar flavor in your own home!
with レモンスタイル
A refreshing beer cocktail to enjoy with food
“Shandy Gaff-style” recipe
・Beer : 1/2, well-chilled
・kizashi : 1/2, well-chilled
・Lemon peel : x1

Slowly pour your ice-cool beer into a glass, add kizashi in a 1:1 ratio, and gently twist your lemon peel. Refresh your throat with the satisfying qualities of beer and the invigorating kizashi, and let the bittersweet deliciousness whet your appetite. If you are having lunch or laying off alcohol for the day, you can still savor that cheery feeling with the non-alcoholic beer version.
※A beer and ginger ale cocktail.
ノンアル スクリュードライバー
A non-alcoholic cocktail easily made at home!
“Non-alcoholic screwdriver” recipe
・100% orange juice : 1/2
・kizashi : 1/2
・Orange : 1/8
・Basil leaf : x1

Heap your ice into a glass, pour in either 100% orange juice or your preferred mikan juice, then steadily add your kizashi in a 1:1 ratio. Slowly stir with a muddler before garnishing with orange and basil. Savor this non-alcoholic cocktail blend of refreshing kizashi bitterness and sweet-sour orange, and let body and soul sense the healthy omens wrapped in a delicious taste.
“kizashi Premium Cocktails”
created by Brand Ambassador Hiroyasu Kayama
Here, we present to you three original kizashi-themed cocktails from kizashi brand ambassador Hiroyasu Kayama, each of which represents an exquisite premium drink of the finest flavor.
*Profile: Brand Ambassador Hiroyasu Kayama
The renowned owner of Bar BenFiddich, Hiroyasu is currently one of Japan’s most sought-after bartenders. So well-versed in medicinal herbs as to cultivate his own, he proudly presents a selection of herb and spice-themed mixology cocktails. Bar BenFiddich is ranked 36th in William Reed Business Media Group’s “World’s Top 50 Bars,” and has featured in “Asia’s Top 50 Bars” each year since the list was launched in 2016. Hiroyasu became a kizashi Tonic Water Kihada Brand Ambassador in 2020.
Thrills abound with this harmonious blend of refreshing citrus and spirits.
“kizashi Fantastic Orange” recipe
・Vodka : 30ml
・Fresh orange juice : 45ml
・Fresh lemon juice : 5ml
・kizashi : a suitable amount

Place a large ice cube in the glass and slowly pour your vodka onto it. After carefully mixing in the orange juice and lemon juice squeezed from fresh fruit, pour in your kizashi and stir with a muddler, then twist your orange peel for the garnish. The resultant refreshing harmony of citrus and spirits will practically have your heart racing. Combining the vodka with either cognac or calvados will unlock yet another delicious form of harmonious aftertaste.
with レモンスタイル
A truly soothing tree scent. Take a welcome breather with the taste of kihada.
“kihada Hot Lemonade” non-alcoholic recipe
・kizashi : 200ml
・Lemon wedge : x1
・Cinnamon stick : x1

Pour your kizashi into a copper cup and gently simmer on a low flame. When the pleasant scent of Amur cork tree begins to waft, pour your hot kizashi into a glass and float a lemon slice upon it. Then, insert your cinnamon into the glass. When you desire a breather, kihada hot lemonade will warm you up from the core of your heart. Let the scent and taste of kihada deliver some soothing moments.
ノンアル スクリュードライバー
A melt-in-the-mouth softness. The true golden ratio of deliciousness.
“kizashi Old Fashioned” recipe
・Gin : 45ml
・kizashi : 10ml
・Orange slice : x1
・Sugar cube : x1

Place your orange wedge and sugar cube in a glass, soak the latter in kizashi, and grind well with a muller. Here, kizashi is used as an accent ingredient, rather like a mystery bitters. Pour in the gin and stir gently with a bar spoon, then insert a large chunk of rock ice and carefully stir. Finally, twist your orange peel to add aroma. Prepare to sigh pleasantly at the melt-in-the-mouth softness and luxurious feeling created by the golden ratio of deliciousness.


There are certain discoveries and moving moments derived
from the daily workings of nature that only Japan can deliver.

We are a premium craft liquor brand which seeks to bring our customers those discoveries,
those moving moments, in a new form of delight.

Through our products, which condense both the rays of the sun and the power of nature,
we wish to celebrate and illuminate the people taking that next brave step in their lives.

We also aspire to diffuse a positive,
high-quality drinking culture from Japan to the wider world.


HIYORI Corporation
President Mari Hayasaka
Biography: A graduate of Musashino Art University. Mari also holds a Foundation Diploma from University of the Arts London, Central St Martin’s College. While studying overseas, the upsurge of the craft distilleries at that time kickstarted her fascination with the wines, spirits, cocktails and overall profoundness of western liquor culture. After returning to Japan, she met Eiichi Takano, Chairman of the Tomu Winery in Katsunuma, Koshu, and decided to set up her own winery and craft brand.
Address 2543-3 Katsunuma, Katsunuma-cho, Koshu City, Yamanashi
Zip code: 409-1316
Access (By car) At the Chuo Expressway Katsunuma Interchange, please head onto the Katsunuma Bypass in the direction of Kofu before turning right at the Shimo-Iwasaki Crossroads (the second set of traffic signals). Go over Budo Bashi bridge, turn right again, and you will find us 300 meters further down the road.

(By train) We are a 7-minute taxi ride from Katsunuma Budokyo Station and a 10-minute taxi ride from Enzan Station (some express trains stop at this station), both on the Chuo Main Line.