『hiyori鳥居平 メルロ 2019(赤ワイン)』完売の御礼を申し上げます Thank you! hiyori Toriibira Merlot 2019 (red) sells out



We are delighted to announce that our limited edition hiyori Toriibira Merlot 2019 (red), made exclusively from grapes harvested from a single field in Toriibira – famous even among Katsunuma wine regions – has sold out!

The wine is attracting rave reviews from our customers, who describe it as “elegant, full-bodied and great-tasting!” For such feedback, we are truly grateful.

In our pursuit of great taste, we at Hiyori Winery focus only on Katsunuma vineyards, aiming to derive maximum benefits from the fertile soil and rich grape individuality of each.

We will continue to pursue high-quality wine which makes you feel good omens through an abundant array of great natural tastes.

We will also continue to really appreciate your custom going forward!